Friday, August 5, 2011

What is photography?

We recently returned from a photo tour in Switzerland. We were with a group of experienced photographers all using DSLR equipment. Much of our subject matter consisted of the beautiful mountains, flowers, interesting buildings, trains, changing light, colors, patterns, etc. We took a few pictures of each other, but that was certainly not the main focus of our photography.

Sunset at Murren, Switzerland

A week after coming home, our niece, nephew and their 3 children came to visit us in Chattanooga for part of their summer vacation. As we visited the sights, our niece was photographing with her new Canon T3i. She was taking family photos and a few others of the sights, mainly in program mode since she was just getting used to her camera.  Our nephew was using his iPod to take both stills and movies, mostly of the family. He planned to use a $5 app to edit the video and stills together and put them to some music he had on his iPod on the drive home.

Our nephew taking a video on his iPod
Tom had his Canon 5D to take a few family shots but mainly to photograph the sights. And I was using my new Olympus XZ-1 because it was easy to carry around, I was curious to see how it would do in a variety of lighting conditions and I thought I'd like to take a few in-camera panoramics.

See 7 states viewpoint at Rock City
As we traveled to sights like the TN Aquarium and Rock City I was again struck by how many people were using their cell phones to take their photos, many of them then sending them back to family, saying "this is where we are now". Photography has always been different things to different people, but the list list seems to be growing.  In a way, that's very cool!

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